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AFRICA and the Homosexual AGENDA

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Mr. Okyere Bonna
Who is Okyere?

Who is Okyere?

Okyere Bonna combines investigative writing with the heart of an experienced and caring teacher. His graduate-level training is from the prestigious Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio in the United States where he earned his MBA and MS in Education. He earned his BA (with honors) in Political Science and Religions from the University of Ghana where he served as SRC Secretary and as an executive committee member of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) in 1989/90.


Okyere is a soccer fan and has also played amateur soccer at the secondary and college levels. He attended Opoku Ware School and St Louis Secondary School for his “O” level and “A” Level certification respectively. He is also affiliated with Konongo Odumasi and Asanteman Secondary Schools as well as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he completed year studies of sociology in 1986.


Okyere Bonna has published various books and articles on social and political issues concerning Ghana. He is also known for his Vocabulary Trailblazers For Christian Youth Series, a line of books written to enhance Christian education. He is a former Vice- President of Ghana Investment Club. Okyere Bonna currently serves as the Secretary of the Ghana Leadership Union, Inc. and a business executive in the United States.


Africa and the Homosexual Agenda

Africa and the Homosexual Agenda

Since 1994, United Nations has come out to speak against abuses that target lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Many African countries, nevertheless, have continued to state emphatically that it cannot endorse or legalize same sex relationships despite the threat o link it to economic aid. The issue of accepting and accommodating homosexuals continues to be a big concern not only among African countries but the world in general. Africa is now under extreme pressure to legalize same sex marriage. The basic question considered in this book is whether African countries should compromise their sovereign rights by endorsing a behavior which it considered culturally unacceptable in order to receive economic aid. The author poses these questions and attempts to answer them:- 1. Should Africa endorse public expressions of same sex affection and recognize same sex marriage? 2. Is same sex marriage a human right issue or a moral and cultural issue? 3. Should Africa eliminate existing legislation which discriminates on the basis of gender preference? 4. Should Africa allow outside bodies to use aid to force it to do so? The author also argues these are not as simple questions as the West would have us believe. “Africa & the Homosexual Agenda” represents a rare and very pleasing example of what appears to be a growing African self-confidence and willingness to confront colonialism. “Whether Bonna is right or wrong is up to every reader to decide, but that he is willing to make his case openly and strongly is wholly admirable. For that reason Bonna gives a new sense of hope for Africa.”

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Okab Publishing
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Okab Publishing is founded by Okyere Bonna who is an author and a teacher. Before Okab Publishing became a company way back in 2004, Okyere published with multiple publishing houses and believed that the system could be better. 


The year 2011, Okab Publishing was born. The company started publishing educational books and sportsbooks. As a teacher and author with multiple educational books, Okyere aims to educate the youth and contribute towards their overall intellectual and educational growth while helping authors have a haven to bring their stories to life. 


Over the years, Okab Publishing has remained an intimate yet professional business assisting authors to publish their books straightforwardly and affordably. 


Okab Publishing continuously raises the bar by providing top-quality service to authors. We believe that in this age of automation, nothing beats the human touch.

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